What is The Best Material to Insulate a Home?

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We build shelters to secure the occupants from the elements and as much as possible everyone desires to live comfortably. One very important aspect to consider, especially in Edmonton, is protecting a building from the extreme heat and cold due to changing seasons by insulating them properly.

Currently, there are options available for materials used in insulation. First, is the traditional and most common, using fiberglass. It is the most popular type of material used in insulating North American households. This material works because fibers trap air bubbles in between the spaces. These air bubbles will help in slowing down the transfer of heat between the spaces separated by the fibers. It is effective in the sense that gas molecules are loosely bonded unlike in the liquid and solid state thus, convective and conductive heat transfers are slowed down. Although effective, fiberglass material has its downside. This is due to the presence of large gaps in between fibers not efficiently trapping all bubbles allowing the flow of air molecules in between layers instead.cold house

A more efficient type of material is spray foam which is offered by insulation companies Edmonton. Compared to fiberglass, it is much more effective. Initially, it will be in liquid type polyurethane but will become solid after being sprayed. In between the solid material are bubbles trapped inside which effectively prevent heat or cold convection, conduction, and radiation. It efficiently insulates because unlike in the fiberglass, there are no gaps in between the material. Gaps are completely blocked-off and sealed. Along with this advantage is a slight increase in price of the spray foam as compared to the traditional fiberglass, though this is not a product you want to install yourself as it can be quite tricky to apply. Insulation companies Edmonton have professional installers qualified to install the spray foam at a higher cost compared to fiberglass which could be installed by homeowners themselves.

It is a choice that needs to be considered by homeowners wanting to have the best protection in their homes; the price is directly proportional to the quality being offered and it will also cut down on heating and cooling costs. In time, spray foam is the more practical and better choice. Although additional cost is incurred due to the materials and installation costs, the effectiveness and efficiency of the materials offered by insulation companies Edmonton will never fail to keep the homes of consumers comfortable in terms of maintaining the right temperature despite the harsh changes in temperature.